Our Company Values

We are recognized as a competent and reliable industry in the marketplace. Specializing in the field of work, our company has made a great impression in the chemical as well as pharmaceutical industries. We are respected in the market for our values like:
  • Quality & Honesty: Our company makes sure each client is offered with unrivaled quality that is promised to them. This honest way of dealing allow us to attain maximum customer satisfaction. 
  • Cooperation & Coordination: We value cooperation and coordination of our team members at all times. It allow us to cater to clients demands swiftly. 
  • Innovation: Our company always challenges itself to work harder to present innovative Wound Gel And Solutions, Deodorant Actives, etc. in the market. 

Total Quality Management

The objective of our enterprise is to bring forth a range which has no defects. This is the reason, we follow a strict quality management system. We make sure that all of our offered items comply with the standards of ISO. Further, we manufacture each of our offerings in GMP certified infrastructure facility, in order to assure the production of best items for clients. We quality test all the produced items thoroughly so as to confirm that the most reliable offerings leave our business facility. 

Customer Oriented Priorities

Our enterprise works in a customer oriented manner, so that we can provide maximum gratification to clients. This is done because our company prioritizes our customers above all. Their happiness, satisfaction and demands are the most important to our business concern. This is the reason, we offer the best Deodorant Actives,Wound Gel And Solutions, etc.  to them along with quality customer support. 

Our Customers 

We are a highly respected business enterprise, several clients working in diverse application areas trust our company. Currently a long list of institutions as well as experts rely on us. A huge percentage of our clientele is made up of: 
  • Hospitals
  • Dental Clinics
  • Home Care Experts 
  • Beauty Service Experts
  • Veterinarians 
  • Rescue Service Experts 
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Medical Device Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Laboratories
  • Food Processing Units
  • Animal Facilities, etc. 
Our Knowledge

The knowledge that our team possesses of the domain has been the reason to our constant growth in the market. We specialize in hygiene as well as chemical technical preservation. Utilizing our such knowledge, we make sure that our clients are delivered with the best of the best at all times. 

Partners & Links

Our enterprise and parent company are partnered up with few of the leading brands, institutions and organization of the domain. Some of them are listed below:
  • Dr. Brill+Partner
  • EFfCI
  • IASH
  • IHO
  • WHO, etc. 

Here at our company, we value ecology, economic and social commitment equally important. Being a pioneer in the field of work, we focus significantly on the topic of sustainability. This is the reason, both our parent company and us work in compliance to the standards set by European Eco Management And Audit Scheme (EMAS). The company works in an environmental friendly manner while reducing our energy wastage. 

Co-Operations for Intensive Exchange

Our stringent commitment towards environment protection as well as quality has made us popular in the market. Our exceptional risk management skills and work safety promises also earn us the support of several experts in the domain. Cooperating with all of our workers in a diligent manner, we strive to render a seamless performance in the market. We aim to render fair, proactive and transparent service to clients. 

Integrated Management System

We have set high standards for ourselves. Constantly, we surpass our previous performances by improving ourselves even more with each passing year. We maintain a harmonized working environment and assure that each member comply to company policies & industrial norms. To ensure such performance, we have established a reliable integrated management system in the past. This system helps us to improve our image in the market and maximizing customer profits. This system allows us to control our business operation at an optimum level. It suggests best rules as well as procedures in the following areas:
  • Environmental Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Risk Management
  • Work Safety Management
  • Quality Management

Quality needs to be reviewed at all times, in order to assure the delivery of products that surpasses our high standards. This is the reason, we subject our enterprise to self critical reviews as well as third party inspections & audits. This help us in assuring that our company meets all the statutory requirements and is working in an ethical manner at all times. We have consistently passed the previous inspections, this has boosted our popularity in the market. This review system allow us to recognize our shortcomings at early stages, that we quickly work on. 

Employees & Society

We believe in giving. This is the reason, we not just offer a quality working environment to employees but also strive to empower underprivileged people. We want to maintain good relation with our employees and build a constructive community at our enterprise. Further, we work hard to benefit the social environment in diverse ways. 

Our History

In the April of 1889, skilled merchants Mr. Rudolf Schülke and Mr. Julius Mayr signed contracts which led to the foundation of Schülke & Mayr Company. Slowly, they started understanding the importance of disinfectant and hygiene. This is why, they introduced their first brand disinfectant Lysol, it became a huge success. In the year 1892, an unfortunate cholera epidemic broke out in Hanseatic city. Many lost their lives, however, people recognized the importance of Lysol at such times to contain the epidemic. This brand helped many and the Hanseatic City of Hamburg awarded awarded a gold plated certificate of honor to the Schülke & Mayr company. 

The year following the Lysol launch, many of the company products made headlines. Buraton, Primasept and Gigasept revolutionized the medical sector. The Grotan, Parmetol and Euxyl took the industrial sector. In the year 1913, we patented the chlorinated phenols as an active ingredient. Using this quality ingredient, we launched Sagrotan, a reliable disinfectant. During the period of 1939-1945. due to the Second World Ware, many industrial companies were asked to set up their alternative businesses in less endangered places. Owing to such directives of the government,  Schülke & Mayr also moved the set up to Brand, a town in the Fichtelgebirge & in Wesel. After the wars, damages were huge but our customers continued to support us. Our positive image and customers trust on our company pulled our company out of the recession. 

The journey of our parent company kept on going for decades. In 2011, our enterprise, Schülke India Pvt. Ltd., started operation as a subsidiary of the Schülke & Mayr company. That is when our journey began and we plan to become as successful as our parent organization.  

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